Why buy our banners?


Dort Federal Credit Union "Car Deal Event"

Thinking of showcasing your new product for the city to see? no problem Earl Daup Signs has got you covered, using ultra strong banner material for any application we can provide banners in giant sections to create one giant image, feel free to ask us about our print size.


Kettering "100 Years" Celebration Banner

We put up thousands of banners yearly and we want to make sure every customer has a good quality product, we put an effort into keeping our customers happy from our signage to our banners.


Ultra Strong, UV Resisitant, Brass Grommets

Our banners are built to withstand the forces of nature and the UV rays emitted from the sun, most banners fade or rip within 4 - 10 months our banners are built strong and last for years to come, easily store your banner and re use at any time. 



Each banner comes with instructions on how to clean and take care of each banner to properly make sure the life span of the banner is guaranteed.


Easy to use, easy to store for multiple uses.


Perfect for public events and even for personal use.

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